Framesi Hair Color


When you use Framesi color products, the result is rich, natural, lustrous hair color every time.

You may think that using the world’s finest hair color is somehow more difficult, more complex. That color this rich, this natural, is beyond your reach.

If you do, i want to change you mind. Once you discover the beauty and quality of Framesi hair color, i think you’re going to change the way you think about hair color.


Framesi Spring Collection 2012

Daring and restless, they are always yearning to open new doors.


Contemporary Origins

Fashion, design and architecture love to explore space and time in order to recover the past and re-propose it in fresh new shapes. In this spring-summer 2012 exploring goes much further back, to the origins of man in search of a reassuring sense of continuity in ones roots.Traditions, body language, our links with the earth: everything is solid, certain and experimented.


Eyes and mind focus on extreme experimentation, on the improbable element that permeates normal everyday life.

Men and women are involved in a profound re-visitation of self in new, apparently impossible forms, but confident in humankind’s huge potential for adaptation.

Ductile, open minded, ready to face the unknown lurking round the corner or close to home, lovers of the future are stimulated by inventive and innovative talent.

Free, sophisticated visionaries, they know that the essence of the future is in the air the minute they wake up.