The thirst for values is pushing us to an innovative and original recovery of the past, with the need for renewed ethics that can adapt to the changes that today’s world proposes and demands. We all seem to feel the need to go back to more genuine lifestyles that can satisfy primary and basic needs.

There is a systematic search for reference points that legitimize decisions on the one hand anchored in the past and on the other reconsidered in terms of the present. The urgency of adapting to changes that are as sudden as they are imperceptible is compensated by the search for styles, patterns of behavior and relations that can reinterpret the past, giving another sense to the future.


A classic cream haircolor for intense and brilliant coloring.

From a widely experimented formulation, a product that renews hair color with 62 lasting, luminous shades. Stringent quality controls guarantee a formulation that remains constant in time, so Framcolor Futura features excellent reproducibility and unfailing chromatic fidelity. Effective and gentle, it lightens by up to 4 shades and covers grey hair completely.


Framcolor Futura has a low ammonia content and contains coconut oil. It therefore respects the structure of the hair and leaves it soft and shiny. All the shades can be blended, thus allowing color to be personalized to the highest degree.