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Peoria Hair Stylist Took Top Prize in Hair Wars World Competition at W Scottsdale

Crowds came to see the outlandish looks and designs, but to the stylists competing, the Hair Wars World competition is all about business. Ann Hughes of J Salon in Peoria and the entire J Salon Team outshined them all, and are declared “Supreme Salon”

(Scottsdale, AZ December 3, 2012) – While the audience came to watch stylists from 10 hair salons from across the Valley go head-to-head at the 12th annual Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour (January 2012) competition at the W Scottsdale, Ann Hughes and the entire stylist team from J Salon in Peoria were busy creating hair magic and won the competition. Last night, crowds cheered on the five finalist from around the globe and J Salon surprised them all, including themselves, with a win of the top prize for Worlds. They were the little salon that could … Now, they are the Supreme Salon of 2012.

Ann Hughes (right) of J Salon, says that competing in Hair Wars Supreme Salon Tour means she has reached a pinnacle in her hair career.

“We won, we won!, exclaimed Hughes. “The time and commitment was all worth it. We just can’t believe our first time competing in Hair Wars and we took the top award. We are so pleased with ourselves, our models and the entire experience.”

Each salon featured its own theme, routines and distinctive hairstyles, which best represent their artistic abilities – think hair zombies and animals galore – to compete for the coveted national title of Supreme Salon. Hughes says that J Salon developed their new Hair Wars World’s Theme as a group. And, until Sunday it was top secret.

“Our creative team came together with stylists from inside J Salon, plus outside help of body painters and makeup artists. I must say I am amazed at what we each of us have come up with and accomplished. I felt like J Salon had a good chance at winning the World Competition,” said Hughes. “I am super excited that I was right!”

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Ann Hughes did this hair, costume, makeup, nails, body paint, etc. for The Queen of Hearts in the 2012 Regional Hair Wars Competition at the W Scottsdale.

J Salon and their team of master hair designers won the event – and earned a spot in the Hair Wars World Competition.

By the way …

J Salon won that, too!

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